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Traveller’s Petäjävesi

Petäjävesi is a municipality in Central Finland with great natural beauty, located about 30 kilometres from Jyväskylä to the west. Petäjävesi Region offers the traveller interesting attractions, whether you come alone, or together with family or friends. Here you can visit the Old Church of Petäjävesi, a site that attracts thousands of travellers and is on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

While you visit the culturally valuable World Heritage Church, you should also see other attractions and sights of the region. The crafts tradition has a strong foothold here and the local artisans’ felt products are delightful in their colourfulness and beauty.
Peace and quiet offered by the nature of the region can be experienced alone or by taking part in guided excursions provided by local tourism entrepreneurs. Countryside tourism entrepreneurs serve you delicious local foods that melt in your mouth, and the high-quality meeting services of the region ensure that your visit here will be long remembered .

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