Kunnanvirasto avoinna ma-to 8-15  014 2673 000 ma-to klo 9 - 14Suutarintie 4, 41900 Petäjävesi

 Kunnanvirasto palvelee ma-to 8-15, 014 2673 000 ma-to klo 9 - 14

 Suutarintie 4, 41900 Petäjävesi


Petäjävesi is located in the heart of Central Finland, nearby Jyväskylä, and is known of its beautiful nature, strong traditions in the field of craftsmanship and especially of its World Heritage Site, the Old Church of Petäjävesi, which celebrates 250 years anniversary in 2014.

The crafts traditions have been passed down through generations. The art and craft of blacksmithing is cherised during the blacksmithing event Takomarkkinat which is organised annually on July.

Forged objects, handicraft products like colourful felt products and organic and local food products can be bought from unique small shops or straight from the farms and workshops.

The Road Traffic Museum of Central Finland and the Radio and Telephone Museum offer collections which fascinate the whole family.

The Wanha Witonen Canoeing Route, diversified walking routes and birdwatching towers attract both sportsmen and people who wish to enjoy the silence of the nature.

Countryside tourism entrepreneurs serve you accommodation with peaceful countryside atmosphere and tasteful organic and local food.

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