Church and Burial ground

The old church at Petäjävesi was built in 1763-1764 to act as a village church in the parish of Jämsä; the dedication did not, however, take place until 1778. In 1779 Petäjävesi was made a subordinate parish and in 1867 an independent parish. In 1879 a new church was built for the parish but the old church was not abandoned. The bells were left in the old belfry and the cemetary remained in use.

History of the cemetary

The cemetary of the Old Church was used for the first time in autumn 1729. During the first decades of the 19th century the churchyard was extended on the southern side of the church, and later the cemetary extended to northern site of the church. The cemetary was in use until 1921 when a new cemetary was established at Olkkolankangas. After 1920's the cemetary has been used occasionally in due of burials to family graves. The new wall which surrounds the church is from 1997.

A cemetary of 9400 departed

All together about 9400 departed has been buried to the churchyard in 1729-2009. In the years of famine 1867-1868 the amount of departed exceeded 200 per year. Influenza diseases lifted the amount of departed in the early 1900. Average amount of burials per year remained otherwise between 40-60.