Kunnanvirasto avoinna ma-to 8-15  014 2673 000 ma-to klo 9 - 14Suutarintie 4, 41900 Petäjävesi

 Kunnanvirasto palvelee ma-to 8-15, 014 2673 000 ma-to klo 9 - 14

 Suutarintie 4, 41900 Petäjävesi

luomu jauhotSmall handicraft shop with countryside idyll

The unique handicraft shop Direct Sale Heinähattu offers local handmade products in the centre of Petäjävesi. Around 100 local producers offer products including among others woolen socks, beanies, clothes for babies and dolls, scarfs and bags. You will also find traditional wooden toys and handicrafts from Heinähattu.

Heinähattu offers also material for handicrafts; Finn sheep wools, felt-making wools and knitting wools.

The products of Tuulentupa work centre are made by using recycled materials. The souvenirs of the Old Church of Petäjävesi and the books about the church and local history tell many kinds of stories.

The organic food products of Heinähattu include among others flours and flakes, canned meat, honey and locally famous smoked salmon.

You can bring and fetch works (f.e. leather shoes and bags) of the local shoemaker during the opening hours of Heinähattu.

Home baked bread and pastries can be enjoyed in the small café of Heinähattu or at home. The local baker changes daily.

Welcome to Heinähattu!

Suoramyynti Heinähattu
Karikontie 1

Open Tue-Fri 10-17, Sat 10-14
Tel. +358 (0)44 281 1880




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