Kunnanvirasto avoinna ma-to 8-15  014 2673 000 ma-to klo 9 - 14Suutarintie 4, 41900 Petäjävesi

 Kunnanvirasto palvelee ma-to 8-15, 014 2673 000 ma-to klo 9 - 14

 Suutarintie 4, 41900 Petäjävesi

tampinkierros uusiTamppi Trail – Tampinkierros

Nature trail on Teerijärvensuo nature reserve.

Tamppi Trail is a 3 km nature trail running through Teerinjärvisuo bog in the southwestern part of Petäjävesi. The trail leads through a mire growing miniature pines and thickets to the campfire place by Lake Teerijärvi. There are information boards along the path, introducing the wildlife and habitats of Teerijärvensuo as well as forest and game management. The route is marked mainly with yellow paint markings.

There are signposts directing to the nature trail from Metsä-Piesalantie.

Experience the calm of nature and the magical atmosphere of wilderness. 


Karhunahas is located in Töysänperä, Petäjävesi. The place is an ancient haunt of bear hunters, where they would run and trap the bears in a cave in the canyon. It is an impressive and rugged piece of ancient forest with a ravine, through which, at its foot, a tranquil river runs. There is a signposted 600 m path to Karhunahas with boardwalks.

karhunahasOn top of the steep cliff, there is a lean-to and a campfire, with views over the ravine.  Join the signposted Karhunlenkki trail, a 700 m route that circles around a deep canyon where specimens of local wildlife are in abundance.

There are signposts directing to the nature trail from Karhunahtaantie

Töllin taival – walking and cycling route around Lake Jämsänvesi

Twelve kilometer long trail surrounding Lake Jämsänvesi is ideal for walking and cycling. Starting point in the centre of Petäjävesi. Campfire site. 

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